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We've all had unexpected expenses catch us off guard. Car repairs, home repairs or an emergency. We understand and we can help you with your personal situation. You deserve to have the things you want, as well as the things you need in life! Let us help you take control. Get the best comprehensive lending support today and contact our Speedy Finance Loan Consultants.

Imagine Having The Funds To Be Able To ...

  • Purchase A New Car, Boat, Caravan or Bike
  • Take That Overseas Holiday
  • Renovate & Improve Your Home
  • Buy A New Computer, TV or Sound System
  • Deal With Unplanned Emergency Expenses
  • Pay For Your Wedding & Honeymoon
  • Pay For Tuition and School Fees

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“Speedy Finance would like to welcome The Loan Centre and all its staff and clients on board. Recently we have merged with The Loan Centre and for our clients this means you get to deal directly with the lender. Our companies and staff bring over 25 years experience in the industry. We look forward to helping you now and in the future."

Steve, Ben, Donelle, Cheryl and Karen

Customer Resources

Lending Information

  • Lending Rates:
    $2,000 and under - permitted monthly fee 4% flat per month
    $2,001 and over - permitted monthly fee of 48% per annum calculated on the reducing daily balance
  • Associated Fees: 
    There are No Fees on Application on this website.
  • Credit Checks:
    Speedy Finance does not perform a credit check until after a professional lending consultant has spoken directly with a client, our lending consultants do not request any personal information such as Date Of Birth and Physical Address to complete a credit check
  • Non-Payment Implications:
    Financial Implications - Non Payment may result in additional fees being imposed, although these will always be disclosed to you before you enter into any loan agreement. Mis-Payment Fees can range from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $60. Default fees may also be imposed to a maximum of 200% of the original loan value, these fees will be discussed with customers before loan applications are processed.
    Collection Practises - Speedy Finance prides itself on being an approachable company, bound by its Hardship Policies which are in accordance with government recommendations. Collection policy will always be disclosed to you before you enter into any loan agreement. Please contact us as soon as you become aware that you may not be able to make a repayment, to make alternative arrangements with our loan consultants.
  • Credit Score:
    Non Payment can affect your credit score/history and your ability to borrow in the future
  • Renewals:
    Our Short Term Personal Loans are not continuing credit contracts and there are thus No Contract Renewals orAssociated Fees. 
  • Speedy Finance:
    Speedy Finance is bound by the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act and is licensed by ASIC under these regulations. Speedy Finance is a Member of National Financial Services Federation and Member of Financiers Association of Australia