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11 Productivity Boosting Apps to Download in 2016

Justin Harding Uncategorized

Beginning this New Year recharged and organised will not only give you peace of mind, but also help you with everything from improving your credit score to reaching savings goals.

If you want to amp up the efficiency of your business or juggle your hectic schedule with as little burnout as possible, check out the following productivity-boosting apps. With a streamlined system in place, you’ll free up time (and money!) to make 2016 your best year yet!

If you need to work on the go

WPS Office or Microsoft Office

Don’t have your laptop with you? No problem! These Microsoft apps will allow you to open documents and annotate files from the train, airport, or anywhere else you may find yourself in need of adjusting a document. Download it now, and you’ll be prepared when you realise you need to make a last-minute change to your presentation.

If you work with a team


With Trello, you can create boards based on projects, departments, or any other categories you may need, and tag your teammates in cards they need to track. It’s easy to move tasks from one category to another, making this app a great option for those looking to break down a team project into multiple stages. As team members finish their stage of the project, they can move the card along to the next spot, so you’ll always know where people are in work process.


Want to make your next big project less of a headache? Asana allows users to create threads based on projects so that all of your team’s discussions and files are in one place. You can alert others to deadlines, give feedback, and make requests in Asana, saving you time you’d normally spend hunting for that email from last week.

If you’re a visual learner

Paper & Pencil by Fifty Three

For those who love all things analogue, this app will give you the real notebook feel in digital form. Create lists, draw, and annotate on the go, and export into PDF or PowerPoint when you’re done.

If you swear by to-do lists


Instead of scrolling through notes to find that book recommendation you jotted down at a party, you can organise your memos and lists into categories with Letterspace. Use hashtags to keep all related info in one folder!


This minimalist app makes it easy to create checklists without any extra fuss. Clear allows you to re-order tasks quickly and delete items with a simple swipe.

If you have lots on your plate


With this app, you can create shortcuts to all of your favourite functions in one place. Spend less time hunting for other apps, remembering how to upload photos, or searching for an address to share with your Uber driver! Program your shortcuts ahead of time and they’ll be at the ready whenever your schedule is packed.


One note-taking app to rule them all! Evernote allows you to organise your video clips, photos, notes, and anything else you may need to document, and store it all in a cloud. Keep track of business and personal tasks on the app, or use it to organise a research project.


Merge all of your favourite blogs, news sources, and RSS feeds into one spot with this game-changing app. With everything you want to read in the same place, you won’t miss an article and will have plenty to read on your train ride to work!

If you need help getting back on track


This genius app notes your behaviours to develop a schedule that suits you best! Use Timely as your personal calendar, and it’ll prompt you with information about when you’re most productive and how you can maximise your time.