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Responsible Borrowing and Lending

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There’s an old joke that says the only way to get a loan is to prove you don’t need one. It isn’t quite that bad, but the world-wide economic crisis that tightened lending over the past few years served to wake up not only borrowers and lenders, but also regulators, to the fact that everyone must work together to ensure …

Business Basics – Understanding GAAP Principles

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You’ve started a small business, and it’s going well. At least, you think it is. You look at your Accounts Receivable and see that you have a couple of payments outstanding. You look at your Accounts Payable and see that there are bills coming up. Wait, have you made a profit or not?

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Business Basics – Understanding Profit and Loss

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Who needs to create a profit and loss account? Limited Liability Companies must produce a formal profit and loss account every year and submit it to calculate the amount of corporation tax the company needs to pay. If you’re a sole trader or partnership, you don’t need to create a profit and loss account for tax purposes but it’s useful …

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What Are Interest Rates?

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The Interest rate is money that one pays for the use of someone else’s money. Interest is paid by the borrower (debtor) for the use of money that you borrow from the lender (creditor).

save on grocery bills


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Here are some tips to help you save on your household grocery bills. A large proportion of your budget probably goes towards groceries, every little bit helps towards saving. Keep a tally on your grocery expenses To save money, you must know what you are spending, so keep a list of everything you buy. You won’t know if you are saving …