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Personal Loans Deconstructed

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Many times people find themselves in a situation where they need some extra cash – perhaps to pay bills, purchase something, go on a holiday, pay for a wedding etc; Of course the ideal situation is to have some kind of savings that they can fall back on in times of need. When that is not the case, people often …

lending rates

Lending Rates News Update

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Speedy Finance is bound by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act of 2009. Over the past 4 years the Industry has changed dramatically and recently on March 1 and then again on July 1 2013 more amendments were finalised, mostly to protect the consumer.

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Responsible Borrowing and Lending

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There’s an old joke that says the only way to get a loan is to prove you don’t need one. It isn’t quite that bad, but the world-wide economic crisis that tightened lending over the past few years served to wake up not only borrowers and lenders, but also regulators, to the fact that everyone must work together to ensure …