Speedy Finance  has been helping Aussie Businesses with their Finance since 2004.

Why Choose Speedy Finance?

Speedy Finance, your go-to private lender for all things business finance. We've been backing hard-working Aussies like you, providing the financial leverage to drive your business dreams forward. As an award-winning Business Finance Specialist, we're all about leveraging cutting-edge Fintech to make your finance journey as smooth as a Bondi wave.

Our team of Commercial Finance Specialists are geared up and ready to customise the perfect finance solution just for you. From transparent terms to efficient processes, we'll ensure your experience with us is nothing short of top-notch. So, why wait? Kickstart your business growth journey with Speedy Finance today!

  • 100% Aussie Owned

    Speedy Finance is an Australian owned company, based in Queensland, Australia.

  • 20 Years Business Lending Experience

    Founded in 2004, Speedy Finance has decades of experience helping Australian business owners.

  • Quality Assured

    We are an award-winning lender focussed on great customer service.

  • We Are Unique

    Unlike banks, Speedy focusses more on serviceability, and can help those who may have had bad credit in the past.

convenient for your business


No complicated fine print. No paperwork. No queues and long wait times. No hidden fees and charges. Simple.

15 years of experience

Our Track Record

With 2 decades of rock-solid expertise, we've been the go-to choice for Aussie business owners seeking smooth-sailing finance solutions.

great customer service

Great Service

Access a dedicated Business Lending Specialist who's ready to dive deep into your goals, successes, and offer the best finance options for your situation.

Mission Statement

At Speedy Finance, we're all about being your reliable partner in the financial game, understanding firsthand the crucial need for that extra financial push to drive business expansion or navigate cash flow and debts with ease.
With over two decades of solid knowledge, expertise, and lending savvy under our belt, we're committed to crafting finance solutions tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. Let's team up to turn your dreams into reality!

Our Vision

The friendly and understanding customer service offered by our team of accommodating business lending specialists is quick and efficient to help you get the right loan in a timely manner - using responsible lending practices.

Our Values

  • Great Customer Service

    Partner up with a seasoned and highly trained Lending Specialist who's in your corner, committed to helping you finance your business goals.

  • Transparency

    We work on a simple cost of borrowing model that is easy for our clients to understand.

  • Accountability

    We've got robust lending guidelines firmly in place, aligning every step with the principles of responsible lending codes throughout our business loans portfolio.

  • Simplicity

    We're all about making every aspect of lending and loan servicing a breeze - simple, efficient, and crystal clear every step of the way.