Interest Only or Capitalised Secured Business Loans

Interest Only or Capitalised Secured Business Loans

Apply Online In Just 5 Minutes

Fixed Rate From 2% Per Month*

Business Loans Up To $500,00

3-9 Months Loan Terms

Flexible Repayments

No exit fees or early payout fees

Receive Funds Within 24 Hours of Settlement

Business Loan Eligibility


Property Owner

Evidence Of Future Income

Defined Exit Strategy

Min Trading 6 Months

Paid Defaults OK


Discover Our Short Term Interest-Only Secured Business Loans

A business bridging loan is great a short-term financing solution intended for repayment upon receipt of a future lump sum payment. Borrow up to $500,000 - with funds disbursed within 24 hours of settlement.

What Can I Use Bridging Finance For?

Short-term 3-9 month business finance offers several advantages tailored for business owners

  • Prompt Access to Funds: Get swift access to funds so you can respond to opportunities without undue delay or disruption.
  • Flexible Terms: With accommodating terms, you can adjust repayment schedules to align with your cash flow requirements, fostering financial stability.
  • Working Capital Reinforcement: Short-term finance provides a reliable infusion of working capital, essential for managing day-to-day expenses and unforeseen challenges, ensuring operational continuity.
  • Seasonal Stability: Businesses subject to seasonal fluctuations find solace in short-term finance, providing essential support during lean periods and facilitating sustained operations until conditions improve.
  • Limited Long-Term Commitments: Unlike conventional loans, short-term financing involves shorter repayment periods, minimizing exposure to prolonged financial obligations.
  • Opportunistic Pursuits: Short-term finance fuels strategic initiatives like seizing deals, targeted marketing, and product line expansion, boosting growth prospects.
  • Credit Enhancement: Effective management of short-term financing contributes positively to your credit standing, enhancing eligibility for future financing arrangements with more favorable terms.
  • Operational Adaptability: Pivot to changing market dynamics or innovate products and services to stay competitive and resilient.
interest only business loans

Why Choose Speedy Interest Only Loans?

Who needs those traditional banks anyway? Say hello to Speedy Finance, your go-to private lender that actually gets you. We've been in the game for over two decades, empowering Aussie businesses with our equity-backed commercial finance solutions.

We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk with flexible terms and rates that make the big guys sweat. Our mission? Simple. We're here to inject that much-needed cash flow into your business, fuelling its growth and ensuring it thrives in the fast lane of success.

Let's kick those financial hurdles to the curb and pave the way for your business to dominate!

We Support Your Business
We're here to help you grow your business.
Transparent Pricing
No hidden fees and charges. No early payout fees.
Award Winning Service
Do great business with MFAA State & National Finalists.
Fast online Application
We've made it simple to apply for business finance.

Our Bridging Finance Approval Process

Fast, simple process with quick decisions — we know that time is money

1. Apply Online
The application process takes 5 minutes. No paperwork required.
2. We'll Assess Your Application
Our loan asessors will process your application and communicate with you through every step.
3. Sign Your Loan Contract
If approved you can sign online and receive your operating funds within 24 hours of settlement.

Customer Reviews

What our valued clients say

Strong customer service and professionalism from Cooper. Was very pleased with the service I received.
- Ben Vrazalica