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How to Get a Free Gym Membership

Justin Harding Saving Tips

There’s no need to drain your bank account paying for a fancy gym membership! With a little creativity, you can reach your fitness goals and save your hard-earned cash.

Read on to discover some of our favourite ways to work up a sweat without handing over the credit card.

Take advantage of stairs.

Use stairs in your home or a nearby park to design a personal workout! Mix cardio and toning with a combination of running up the stairs, squats, calf raises, triceps dips and push-ups. Once you begin, you’ll realise just how many options you have.

Improvise your weights.

. Instead of running out to buy a set of weights, start toning by using household items, such as cans of baked beans or unopened water bottles as hand weights. You can even fill empty bottles or cans with rice or sand to increase the weight!

Try a YouTube workout.

Look no further than YouTube for home workout ideas, routines, and healthy recipes. There are so many incredible, free fitness channels to choose from; some of our favourites are Blogilates, Tone It Up and BeFit.

Practice yoga at home.

If you already have a mat (or even just a rug!), create your own morning yoga practice. Research poses online, invite a seasoned yogi-friend over on a Saturday, or follow along with a free video to get flowing.

Look for free classes in your neighbourhood.

Many gyms, yoga studios, and community centres offer free classes and trials year-round. Keep an eye out for great deals and take advantage of the freebies in your area!

Pair up with a buddy.

If you have a difficult time motivating yourself, invite a friend to join you for a weekend hike or jog along the beach. Having someone to keep you accountable will make it easier to keep up your gym-less workout routine, and the two of you can bounce DIY fitness ideas off of each other to keep your workouts fresh.

Revisit workout equipment you already have.

Remember that hula-hoop you bought two summers ago? What about the jump rope that’s been sitting in your shed? Design a routine around those fitness items collecting dust!

If you already have a gym membership and thing you pay too much, check out the most expensive gym memberships in the world!