Working Capital Finance: Q&A

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The most important aspect of business finance is getting the right type of funding for your business needs. There are a huge range of loans available in the Australian market, but the wrong loan structure can not only cost you money, but actually put your business at risk. Rather than a specific loan type, working capital finance (sometimes known as …

Calculating savings from business loan consolidation

3 Major Reasons to Consolidate Your Business Loans

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Debt consolidation is a quick and easy way to get on track with your finances and reduce your overall monthly payments. It is the process of grouping multiple debts into a single loan, with the end goal to reduce the total payments due. By combing a number of loans with different interest rates, terms, balances and repayments, you can create …

Small business loans for coffee shop

How to Manage Your Small Business Loans

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A recent report by the Australian Banking Association showed that there are around 1 million loans provided to small businesses, and that over half of small businesses have a business loan facility other than a credit card. Access to finance as a business owner fuels business growth, but managing the loans appropriately is important to ensure viability of the business. …

Secure loan

Is it safe to take a loan from an independent lender?

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In Australia, the Big 4 Banks are top of consumers’ mind when it comes to taking out a loan, whether it be for business or personal use. However, in light of the recent Royal Commission into Banking, smaller independent lenders are hot on the banks’ tails and almost 36% of potential borrowers have enquired at an independent lender in the …

self employed loans

Self Employed? You Can Still Get Self Employed Loans

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As freeing and fulfilling as self-employment may be, being your own boss comes with a few drawbacks. Taxes are suddenly more complicated, you need to feed your own superannuation, and applying for Self Employed Loans is much more of a hassle.