Small business loans for coffee shop

How to Manage Your Small Business Loans

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A recent report by the Australian Banking Association showed that there are around 1 million loans provided to small businesses, and that over half of small businesses have a business loan facility other than a credit card. Access to finance as a business owner fuels business growth, but managing the loans appropriately is important to ensure viability of the business. …

Secure loan

Is it safe to take a loan from an independent lender?

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In Australia, the Big 4 Banks are top of consumers’ mind when it comes to taking out a loan, whether it be for business or personal use. However, in light of the recent Royal Commission into Banking, smaller independent lenders are hot on the banks’ tails and almost 36% of potential borrowers have enquired at an independent lender in the …

Car loan financing

4 Traps of Car Dealership Loans (and how to avoid them)

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Consumer car loans are a quick and cash-effective method of purchasing a vehicle for personal use. They are available through almost all lenders, and most large dealerships offer on the spot financing which is quickly approved to anyone with steady income and clean credit record. At first glance, a car loan from a dealership can look like a great option, …

Queens Birthday Long Weekend QLD

Queens Birthday Long Weekend QLD On A Budget

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This year, the first weekend of October is Queens Birthday Long Weekend QLD. It’s the first long weekend of spring, and there’s no better time to take a break with the family and enjoy the warmer weather.

large personal loan

Am I Eligible For A Large Personal Loan?

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Large Personal Loan: We all experience times in life when we’re faced with unexpected expenses. Perhaps the car has broken down, a household appliance needs replacing, or you have to make an emergency trip. Sometimes you may just need a large personal loan for the bigger expenses.

rego check

Rego Check: How To Make Sure You’re Rego Ready

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If you’re the proud owner of a vehicle, then you’ll be aware that one of the major running costs, aside from petrol and insurance, is the requirement to pay a registration (rego) fee every six or twelve months. You will need to do a rego check