Electronic Authorisation

Acknowledgement and Consent for Receipt of Electronically Transmitted Documents

BEFORE YOU SIGN a Lease Contract, Loan Contract, Promissory Note or where applicable, a Request for a Further Advance, please read the following carefully and if you agree to it, sign this form:

I hereby acknowledge that:

  1. I am or am considering leasing goods or borrowing money or further money from SPEEDY FINANCE PTY LTD ("the Credit Provider"). 

  2. I understand that SPEEDY FINANCE PTY LTD can give, send, deliver, serve, notify (or any other similar expression that has a similar meaning) certain documents, as specified from time to time by the National Credit Code or National Credit Regulations that have validity in this state, electronically if I so choose. SPEEDY FINANCE PTY LTD will also apply and adhere to these statutory requirements that relate to the methods of delivery and receipt of electronic communication in respect of any funding arrangement for personal, domestic or household purpose that is exempt from the National Credit Code. 

  3. I understand that any document that SPEEDY FINANCE PTY LTD is not permitted to send me electronically will continue to be send to my postal address or in any other way the law permits other than by electronic means. 

  4. This authority is personal to me. If I and another individual are joint borrowers or joint guarantors, then this authority shall only apply to me individually. 

  5. If I choose to give consent, I acknowledge that:

(a)  I can, at any time, withdraw my consent to receive the documents that the credit provider is allowed to send me electronically; 

(b)  there is no longer a requirement to send me paper documents; 

(c)  I need to and am prepared to regularly check for electronically transmitted communication messages or notices or letters in the manner I have specified; 

(d)  where a notice or other document is transmitted by facsimile (ie,by fax), delivery to me will be deemed to be the later of the date of the notice or other document or the date on which our facsimile machine produces a report confirming receipt by your facsimile machine or any other facsimile machine to which I have notified you may send me notification electronically; 

(e)  where a notice or other document is transmitted electronically but not by facsimile (i.e., not by fax), delivery to me will be deemed to be when the notice or other document enters my information system. For the purposes of clarifying this, I further understand that this may be when the message is received by any company acting as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or as a telecommunications supplier with whom I hold an account for service and not necessarily when I choose to download the communication onto my personal computer or other electronic device capable of reading it; 

(f)  if any electronic message that SPEEDY FINANCE PTY LTD attempts to give, send, deliver, serve, notify (or any other similar expression that has a meaning) me is returned or otherwise notified as being unable to be delivered, for whatever reason, similar this authority shall terminate cease immediately and all further notices shall be sent to my last known postal address; 

(g)  if I change my email address or mobile telephone number or facsimile number, I will advise you immediately of the change of number or address or such other information that may be required by the supplier of any electronic messaging system to enable you to contact me; and 

(g) if this authority is terminated or revoked for any reason, it shall only be re-instated upon receipt of my further request in writing.

I hereby consent to SPEEDY FINANCE PTY LTD sending to me any document or documents that the credit provider is allowed to send me electronically, SUBJECT TO the conditions specified above.

Any changes or a withdrawal of consent must be advised to:


PO BOX 5179, GCMC, Bundall, QLD 9726

Telephone:1300 664 734
Fax:(07) 5574 1555