Internal Dispute Resolution

Internal Dispute Resolution

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. If at any time we have not met our obligations - or you have a complaint about any of our services - please inform us so we can work towards a resolution.  We will endeavour to deal with your complaint promptly, thoroughly and fairly at no charge to you.

Making a Complaint

Please document your complaint in writing and forward to our Operations Manager at the following address:
Mail: PO Box 5179, GCMC, BUNDALL QLD 4217

The Process

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint after receiving the details of your complaint. If any further documentation is required from you this will be requested in writing. Our Customer Service Team will liaise with the relevant parties for further information and you will be informed of the outcome and reasons for the decision reached.

Time Frame

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we are committed to resolving and responding to your complaint within 45 days. There may be an occasion where the complaint is more complex and could take longer to resolve. If this is the case we will;

  • Inform you of the reasons for the delay
  • Specify a date when a decision can be reasonable expected
  • Notify you of your right to contact your external dispute resolution scheme
Financial Hardship

Should you require to access our Financial Hardship Policy, we will respond to your application within 21 days. Please see our Financial Hardship Policy for further information.

Dispute resolution escalation

We expect our Customer Service Team to resolve your concerns or issues to your satisfaction

If, despite our best efforts you are still dissatisfied with our response, you may contact our General Manager. Our General Manager my initiate further investigation if necessary. You may write to the following address:

General Manager
Address: PO Box 5179, GCMC

External Dispute Resolution

Our external resolution scheme for Speedy Finance is the CIO - Credit and Investments Ombudsman, which may be contacted as follows:

Telephone: 1800 138 422