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Important Information About Lending
  • There are no Fees on Application on this website.
  • Speedy Finance does not perform a credit check for online enquiries and no personal information such as Date Of Birth and Physical Address are required in our online forms. Credit checks are only performed after a professional lending consultant has spoken directly with a client.
  • Our Short Term Personal Loans are not continuing credit contracts and there are thus no Contact Renewals orAssociated Fees
  • Speedy Finance is bound by the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act and is licensed by ASIC under these regulations
  • Members of Financiers Association of Australia
Lending Rates

Speedy Finance is bound by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act of 2009. The Industry has changed dramatically to protect the consumer. For more information about the National Consumer Credit Code please visit www.asic.gov.au/credit  Since July 1, 2013 the permitted fees  for small amount credit contracts have been the same, regardless of which State in Australia you live in.  Since 1 July 2013 there have been new rules relating to unsuitable credit contracts, fees or charges in relation to a small amount credit contract, the annual cost rate of credit contracts and default in payment by direct debit under a small amount credit contract. The Regulation prohibits loan-splitting in order to circumvent the cap on the maximum amount of costs which can be charged under a credit contract.It also prohibits a credit provider from recovering charging third-party fees (for example, fees charged by a third party for providing access to the credit through cashing a cheque), where the third party has been introduced to a consumer to provide a service in relation to a small amount credit contract.

Need to speak with a lending consultant? Contact your  team at Speedy Finance
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